How to RESOLVE inner conflict and take powerful ACTION on your life goals

by Mar 3, 2021Awakened Action

In this post we teach a simple formula for how to resolve inner conflict, end procrastination, and see yourself take some action on your life goals.


1.  Inner conflict is keeping you from taking action.

As we explore in the above video, there are two forces within each of us. One pulling us towards safety and comfort zones, and other pulling us towards our greatness.

To bring it home more for you, consider this reality:

You set a goal to get up early and go to the gym. One part of you wants to stay in your cozy bed when the alarm goes off. Another part of you wants to push past that comfort and get your gym clothes on, even when it’s still dark outside.

You set a goal to lose that 10-20lbs. One part of you wants to try that intermittent fasting thing and control your caloric intake, and other part of you just really loves Oreos.

At some point you gotta get off the fence and pick a side if you want your dreams to come to life.


2.  Resolving inner conflict is a simple formula.

Just past the minute mark we introduce a the following forumula:

YES + “BUT” = NO

It tells the story of one part of you that wants this future or new results to come to life. This part of you says, “YES!” Let’s go.

Another part of you (not good, not bad) has some concerns and it voices them as your “inner sceptic”: “But what if it doesn’t work out?” “But what if I’m exhausted from my workouts and struggel to do other duties, etc”

Your job at this stage of the game isn’t to deny or repress any of these voices, but simply to “lay it all on the table” and give yourself a chance to literaly “see” what’s going on inside you (something we discuss in greater depth in this episode on the unconscious mind)

PS. If you’d like extra help getting past some of your own inner resistance, fears, etc and taking bold action on your dreams, give me a call and let’s talk.


3. Taking powerful action begins by listening to yourself.

Once you’ve laid out your “BUTs” and tease your inner resistance, now it’s time to work with them (3:15 mark).

The key here is to not just write these thoughts out, but to follow them to into the future and see if they are worth stopping you over.

Example: Let say your goal of starting a new business or side hussle has next to it the resistance of”BUT what if I fail? The financial cost of that could be too great.” 😬

Great, now let’s give that concern its due space instead of pushing it away by default. “So if I listen to that voice and stop now, what future will that bring to life?”

(I talk to a lot of creatives and entrepreneurs so I’ll just skip ahead on this.)

Many passion seekers, dreamers, and goal-getters arrive at a similar conclusion. It goes somethign like this: “Yeah, my inner sceptic is right, it’s costly to pursue my dreams. But it’s also costly not to. Waking up every day to a life of “coulda, shoulda,” and relegating my dream to the goal graveyard has a spiritual cost. That and I’m just going to be back in this same place 6 months from now… so screw it, let’s do this.”

Or as my mentor Jim Rohn taught me:

I finally discovered that it’s all risky. The minute you got born it got risky. If you think trying is risky, wait until they hand you the bill for not trying”

A big part of changing your life is getting past that initial resistance that comes in the form of fear, doubt,and insecurity.

As I’ve enchod throughout this post, the key is not to ignore those voices, but to sit them down like an old friend and have an honest conversation with them.

This transforms “Yes + But = No” into “Yes + Yes = Yes” and that’s the beginning of seeing ALL of your personal and professional goals come to life.


See you on the path,



Patrick Kerwin

Patrick Kerwin


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