Life Coaching for Leaders and Greatness Seekers.


Life Coaching for Leaders and Greatness Seekers.


Bring your great work into the world, eliminate procrastination and doubt, and become the person you’re proud of.

Have an unshakable feeling “it’s time” for change? Ready to travel faster and farther with someone in your corner who believes in your vision, and holds you accountable to your goals?

Renowned life coach Patrick Kerwin is opening up his schedule to a limited number of people who are ready to get the clarity, courage, and commitment they need to live their happiest and most successful life.

All with a results-driven, purpose-fueled, and holistic approach to life design.


"Above and beyond!

You think it’s about your goals, but it’s SO much more.”

Sean, Whitelake, MI

"Worth every penny!

I got so much more out of this than I ever imagined.”

Casey, Rock Springs, WY

"I can't believe

how many ideas I circled in my notepad in the first 30 minutes.” 

Alan, Austin, TX 

"One word: Progress

I finally feel like I have a solid plan of attack.” David, Toronto, CA

"Patrick has been awesome!

He has this way of saying exactly what I needed to hear.”

Olivia, Oakland, CA

Get out of the drift and get back on track

with our structured and holistic approach to life design.

We give you the "structure" to succeed.

While we recognize the value of exploratory and intuitive, “let’s just see where this goes” coaching styles – for the consumer (that’s you) it often ends up becoming a tremendous loss of time, effort, and money.

That’s why we invested the last two decades discovering exactly what people need to make a change, identifying the forces that block progress, and designing a structured system that helps you accomplish in days what others spend decades trying to achieve.

We focus on the "whole" you.

Your business, your health, AND your relationships.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, when we neglect any one area for too long, it has a dramatic and negative impact on your life.

For example, you could be crushing it at work but your health is in the toilet (and you feel it), or winning in relationships, but struggling to pay the bills. Etc.

As your coach, my focus is to help you find balance by directing (or redirecting) your focus and energy into the area you feel needs it most.

Then, when a major corner is turned in that area, and it becomes more self-sustaining, we work to rebalance the other areas until you are whole, happy, and thriving.


We teach you the art of "life design."

If this concept is unfamiliar to you, here’s a question to consider:

How many hours, days, or even months have you spent planning a vacation, planning a wedding, or even planning the furniture layout/wall colors of your home?

The point is, that when something becomes important to us, we want to ensure we do it right.

Why then have we not “normalized” spending that same amount of time, effort, and energy each year in the intentional and careful design of our future? Not just what we want to do, but who we wish to be as well.

Here’s the hard truth: 5 years from now you’re either going to arrive at a well-designed future or the one you stumble into by default.

If “future you” had a say in this gamble, which path would they steer you towards?


Together, let’s make a clear and exciting roadmap for the vitality and health you will experience each day, the quality of love and relationships you long for, and the direction you want your career or business to take off in.

This is our style of coaching and life leadership.

If that resonates with you, grab a time slot on my calendar, and let’s make the decisions that will shape your destiny.

Future you is excited for what’s about to happen.

This powerful life transformation system is perfect for…

Visionaries and Greatness Seekers

who don’t like wasting time, and thrive in a creative environment with idea sharing, honest feedback, and accountability each week toward the dreams they are building.

Pathcarvers and Leaders

who believe in taking responsibility for their outcomes, and are fueled by the idea that their achievements (in business, relationships, and life) serve as a beacon of what’s possible to those they care about most.

Courageous Life Travelers

who are willing to take risks, expand their knowledge and skill set, and travel into the great unknown for the sake of progress, purpose, and ultimately legacy.

Begin by scheduling your FREE clarity call.

Choose an option below that best fits your goals and needs.

Meet Your Life Coach

High-Performance Coach | Proud Husband and Father | Founder of Legacy Life.

Hi, I’m Patrick, nice to meet you.

For the past 25+ years, I’ve been obsessed with serving the world by developing greatness in others.

Bio: I have a Master’s in Clinical Psychology with a focus on happiness and high performance. I’ve coached and trained executive leaders in Fortune 500 companies around the world, and I nerd out on topics like mindset mastery, life optimization, and maximizing human potential.

Through all of this, ONE question has inspired and guided my journey:

What are the secrets to human flourishing? (to living happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise?)

 ▼ Scroll to read more ▼

Truth is, that’s a big question and one humans have been wrestling with for over three thousand years.

The good news is, that we now have a well-established science of happiness and well-being, evidence-based psychology of success, and role models of human potential in every endeavor of life, spanning each continent and culture.

[Like I said, good news]

Want to hear the ultimate irony? These “modern discoveries” of the secrets to human flourishing, precisely echo the wisdom teachings of the great philosophers and spiritual teachers from the past 3000 years.

[Full circle. Nice]

As a life coach, this incredible synchronicity and “universal wisdom” captivated me so much, that I decided to infuse these teachings into the core of our coaching philosophy.

👇 Ready below for the modern and ancient formula to human flourishing:

  1. Don’t take the easy roadAim for the brightest star you can find, then forge yourself into the kind of person who can endure the journey. You’ll not only arrive, you’ll become someone you’re proud of in the process.
  2. Develop a mortality mindset: Train yourself to appreciate the gift of waking up each day, then invest your great creativity and productivity into moving the needle forward. This is the balance between gratification (having what you want) and gratitude (wanting what you have).
  3. Decide NOT to play small: You have it in you to contribute something positive and meaningful to this world – a legacy you’ll look back on and smile about. For some, the path toward that ideal life is crystal clear, and for others, it can feel like being pulled in so many directions that we’ve lost sight of the road.

Toward that end, here’s what you can expect from me as your coach.

1. I will call you towards your highest good, both personally and professionally.

2. I will inspire you to seek balance -appreciating all you have, while you strive for all you’re capable of becoming (happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise)

3. I will connect you to your greatest strengths, powerful motivators, and a clear sense of purpose that will propel you every step of the way toward the top.

Are you in?

Talk soon,


Book Your FREE Clarity Call with Patrick

For visionaries and greatness seekers that are serious about growth.


Do I need to book a clarity call first?


The free clarity call is our chance to meet before committing to working together.

It’s an opportunity for us both to meet, and ensure the program is the right fit for your goals, my coaching style is in sync with your needs, and our schedules align so it’s easy for us to reliably meet.

Click the calendar above, answer a few key questions that will help me know how to best serve you, and I’ll see you on the other side.

What should I expect from coaching?

Whether you’re considering the 30, 60, or 90-day coaching package you can expect the following:

1) CLARITY: Not just of where you are currently on the road of life and the results you’re seeing, but also where you want to be instead – which is a powerful and inspiring conversation that will stick with you.

2) FOCUS: When faced with a world of conflicting priorities, limited time, and unlimited distractions, achieving any goal (especially the big ones) can feel like climbing uphill… in the rain, against the wind.

To push back against those odds, we will build action plans to help you sharpen your focus, eliminate distractions, and ensure you have room in your life for your goals and dreams.

3) RESULTS: This is why you’re here right? To see change in one or more areas of your life.

Now when it comes to change, the only things we can improve are the things we are willing to measure. So that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Utilizing our Legacy LifeScore™ Assessment we will get a sense of how you’re performing in the 3 Areas of Thriving, as well as your overall journey in life.

Then, after 30, 60, or 90 days we will measure again and see what has improved.

Now, as you know, the needle of progress doesn’t move by magic, it only moves by consistent daily action.

This is why we invest a good amount of our time together building step-by-step action plans and having accountability conversations.

I have FULL CONFIDENCE that your “before and after” results will speak for itself – not only through the visual changes you see on a colorful graph, but the noticeable lightness you now feel in your feet and the vitality you carry with every breath.

Trust your gut on this decision, wherever it leads you.

Talk soon,


Do you offer flex payments?

Not at this time, but we do accept all major credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, as well as PayPal.

Do you offer a refund policy?

If you have booked sessions, but can no longer attend them due to unexpected life events or major scheduling conflicts that cannot be resolved, then we are happy to refund the number of sessions you can no longer attend.

However, we cannot refund the coaching sessions you have already booked and attended.

This is another reason we meet first for our clarity call, to ensure everything lines up for you.

How private and confidential is coaching?

100% private and 100% confidential. Nothing we talk about leaves my ears (business, family, health, etc), no sessions are ever recorded, and I won’t even mention your name without your expressed permission in writing.

That is unfortunately not the case for every self-proclaimed coach out there, but it is definitely the case for me.

This is because I have great respect for your privacy and the work we do together.  

It’s also part of my story. You see before I became obsessed with life design and high-performance coaching I was a licensed psychologist and therapist – and if you know anything about that field, privacy is the cornerstone of everything we do.